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Progressive Dialer Solutions in UAE

Get Progressive Auto Dialer software solutions in United Arab Emirates to increase contact rates and automate outbound calling

Avyukta Intellicall Progressive Auto Dialer in UAE automatically dials a number from your contact lists when an agent is making a call, negating the need for manual input every single time. It is best suitable for outbound call centers dealing with huge volume of calls on a daily basis. Enhance your agents’ productivity by allowing them to spend more time talking to prospects than dialing!

Progressive Auto Dialer in UAE

Progressive Auto Dialer Solution in UAE enables your agent to spend more time talking to customers and answer calls progressively by better utilization of their time.

Save Agent Time and Improve Productivity

With an automated system in place, agents can invest their time in other important tasks and make themselves more productive.

Connect Outbound Calls based on Agent Availability

Calls made through a progressive dialer only gets connected if the agent is available. This ensures that the receiver never gets a busy tone or an answering machine to cater.

Generating More Leads

With an increased call rate by auto dialer, more time is spent on calling customers and generating leads. Thereby increasing the revenue of the business.

Progressive Dialer Features

Experience the multiple benefits of Avyukta Intellicall Progressive Dialer in UAE

Easy Integration

Avyukta Intellicall Progressive Dialer Solutions can be integrated with almost every CRM making it even more convenient for a business to connect calls from. It also provides previous history of the current number dialled.

Fast Dialling

Auto Dialer automatically dials a number from your phonebook ensuring faster connectivity with the receiver.

Live Analytics & Dashboard

Track, monitor and record live calls page made by your agents. Get live updates and customized reports of all the calls being made with the help of a progressive dialer.

Agents Summary

You can view or modify an agent’s availability through a single dashboard. It also gives you other relevant information of the live calls made by the agents.

Campaign Logs

You can manage the status of multiple campaigns being carried out. You can filter them basis their type and get insights. Run outbound campaigns easily with the assistance of progressive dialers.

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