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Omnichannel contact centers are contact centers that provide superior customer service experiences that keep people coming back.

Omnichannel contact centers allow customers to get help when they want it, through the communication channels of their choice—whether with a live agent or real-time self service options. Truly effective, integrated omnichannel is a customer service strategy that can provide organizations the momentum to move ahead of their competition now, and stay ahead well into the future.

To deliver this successfully, agents need call center software that allow them to move between channels and touchpoints easily so they can seamlessly help customers regardless of the channel. When done right, omnichannel contact centers elevate the customer service experience and customer engagement from the traditional call center to enterprise call centers with truly exceptional experiences throughout the customer journey.

Omnichannel Contact Center Features

Cloud contact centers simplify complex interactions. When you streamline customer service tools, you’ll help them become more productive and effective.

Cloud-based with a unified interface

An omnichannel strategy works when employees can effortlessly move between channels while maintaining customer history and context.

For this to happen, your contact center software needs an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and provides real-time data for each agent.

Customer data and conversations in one place: Agents shouldn’t have to jump between screens, tools, or apps to maintain a seamless customer experience. API integrations are imperfect — strive for complete functionality without middleware.

Quick access to real-time data: Agents should have access to customer insights, past interactions, and customer satisfaction scores to deliver the best experience possible.

Seamless Integration Between Channels

An omnichannel contact center needs to be scalable and agile enough to integrate with any new channel that comes to the market without downtime or changing workflows.

What other tools integrate with this contact center? Look for integrations with your customer CRM and every communication channel you use, such as the phone and digital channels like email, SMS, and social media.

How are integrations displayed in the interface? Look for contact center software that reduces friction by bringing cross-channel conversations together into a single view. Agents shouldn’t need to bounce between screens to keep the conversation moving.

Intelligent Routing of Inbound Requests

With more channels, proper routing becomes crucial. A seamless customer experience means connecting customers to the right agent the first time around.

Automatic call distribution (ACD): Route inbound calls to the right person or team depending on history, time, or support level.

Deep CRM integration: Leverage your existing customer data to direct customers to the right agent or department. These surface actionable insights across the entire customer journey.

Performance Management and Reporting

An omnichannel contact center can give managers deep insights into the performance of their team. Instead of trying to streamline metrics or reports across several tools, everything is in one place.

Agent dashboards: Reporting should be empowering and actionable for both call center agents and managers. Adopt team-based wallboards to drive awareness and friendly competition.

Historical and daily data trends: Contact center leaders should see at a glance where agents and processes need to improve. Most call center solutions offer this out of the box.

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