CRM Solution

What is CRM Software

CRM software (customer relationship management software) is a tool designed to help your organization provide a unique and seamless experience to your customers, as well as build better relationships by providing a complete picture of all customer interactions, Keeping track of your sales, organizing and prioritizing your opportunities, and facilitating collaboration between different teams.

Powerful CRM Integrations Work Better Together

When using the Avyukta Intellicall Cloud Contact Center, telephony controls are embedded into your CRM solution to create a more robust and productive sales, marketing, customer service, support, and ticket management engine. Agents and supervisors are empowered with rich customer data, history, and information to transform the customer experience with every inbound or outbound interaction.

Customer relations management (CRM) is the term for creating structured and effective customer interactions. Modern Customer Relationship Management(CRM) consists of various channels and systems or tools that can interact with customers. Customer relations management helps keep track of customer activities and enables interaction and correspondence in a more organized and secure manner.

Why To Use CRM System

CRM system stores the details of targets and records which can be used as an opportunity of business. You don’t need to waste your time and opportunity waiting for the system to upload or extract any data as CRM system uses an authorized device or any person at any time. CRM software helps to expand business so that you can repute your organization at a higher position. Most importantly CRM helps in cost reduction.This system teaches human employees to analyse and focus on important data. Once you optimize conversation with a customer you will be able to analyse the customer preferences and effectively save time utilized in researching and collecting data about the customer preference.

Avyukta CRM Features

  • Omni-channel Single Sign-On with Live Location
  • Target Work Stats for the Month with Priorities and Escalations
  • Voice-Based Notifications for All CRM Events
  • .Omni Channelled Unified Communication
  • Sales CRM
  • Lead Management
  • Google Modules and Emails Integrations
  • Attendance, Leave, Task, Salary, Incentive Management Modules
  • Secure Employee Task Allocation & Management Module, With Customer Details Masking
  • Custom Client Stages
  • Auto Triggers for Personal and Complete logout for Idle Users
  • Events & Meetings
  • Client CRM Login
  • Daily Emails for Logins and Logouts with Detailed Task Summaries and Occupancies
  • 25+ Detailed Reporting Modules

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