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Avyukta Intellicall full-stack cloud contact center is a set of software, tools, and services hosted over the cloud to enable multi-channel customer interactions for businesses. It can support all leading communication channels, including - voice calls, video, social media, email, SMS, chat, and more. With minimum time to deploy and almost zero upfront expense, a cloud contact center gives you flexibility, scalability, and ease of secure access. As service providers, like Avyukta Intellicall, manage the hardware set up and ensure higher uptime and business continuity, you can concentrate on the core operations of your business.

integrates multiple communications channels into a single system so that agents can communicate with customers or clients by phone call, email or instant messaging, and maintain a consistent record of all communications regardless of the format.

Cloud-based contact centers help businesses manage the customer experience across phone, email, text, and social media. It offers advanced functionality that goes beyond inbound and outbound calls.

As organizations add more support channels, a cloud contact center solution helps them stay on top of every customer request and optimize agent productivity.

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A cloud contact center provides inbound and outbound voice, text, social media and video communications over a high-speed internet connection. Contact center providers handle all the technical setup, equipment, and maintenance of the servers.

Unlike an on-premises PBX, there isn’t any telecom hardware to purchase, install, and maintain. Instead, phone calls are established using VoIP technology.

Once you connect the cloud contact center software to your other channels like social media or email, it does all the work. Each interaction is tied to an account and assigned to the right agent to avoid conflicts. Then, a contact center syncs data with your CRM software in the background, so everyone is on the same page.

Since a contact center works entirely over the internet, it means you just need to provide workstations, headsets, and an internet connection for your team. Then, when agents log on, they can receive calls, emails, or chat messages. As a result, your brand interacts with customers consistently across various contact methods.

Best Cloud Call Center Solution

Call Center Solution on Mobile

Let your agents deliver high-quality customer service using just their smartphone. Avyukta Intellicall Mobile Agent Application is an easy to use application that provides a secure platform for agents to login and manage calls from their mobile phone while allowing the supervisors to track the data without having to be in the office.

Call Center Integrations

Combine Avyukta Intellicall cloud call center solution with any leading CRM that you might already be using to enjoy one-click integration. These CRM and CTI integrations allow your agents to see caller details and history in a single interface rather than toggling between tabs and thus, have informed and contextual customer interactions.

Call Quality Management

Make use of Avyukta Intellicall quality monitoring tools that allow the supervisor to snoop, barge, whisper on a live call along. They can also score the call recording based on call quality parameters. Hold your agents accountable by displaying their individual performance metrics to help them identify the gaps and improve agent performance and efficiency.

Powerful Cloud Dialers

Make those cold calls count with an impressive outbound cloud call center solution that offers cloud dialer software like predictive, progressive, autodialer, etc along with click-to-call functionality to deliver proactive customer service, increase sales conversions, debt collection, renewals, and much more.

Reporting Tools

Hosted call center software with advanced reporting and analytical tools to allow your supervisors to be on top of inbound and outbound call center metrics. Avyukta Intellicall cloud call center solution offers an array of call center reports and real-time dashboards for managers to track agent performance and take corrective decisions to optimize operations.

Advanced Inbound Capabilities

Drive top-notch customer support with an IVR combined with an automatic call distributor to ensure all the incoming calls are routed to the most suitable agent and department. With Avyukta Intellicall inbound cloud-based solution your agents can have qualified customer interactions to increase customer satisfaction and ensure first call resolution.

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